Melody of the Moon Bell: Triple Goddess Brass Altar Bell with Crescent Moon Handle for Ritual

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Introduce a touch of celestial elegance to your rituals and ceremonies with our Melody of the Moon Altar Bell. Handcrafted from brass and designed with a graceful crescent moon handle, this bell embodies the power of the moon and the Triple Goddess. Whether you use it for meditation, spellwork, or simply as a decorative item for your altar or home, its gentle chimes will fill the air with ethereal energy.

Expertly crafted from solid brass, this bell not only serves as a tool for spiritual practices but also as a gorgeous piece of art. The crescent moon handle symbolizes feminine energy and the lunar cycle, helping you harness the power of the goddess within. Let the resonating vibrations of this bell guide your ceremonies, rituals, and meditations while adding an enchanting touch to your sacred space.

An altar bell is used to invoke the Goddess in ritual. The gentle tones and vibrations a bell makes are very powerful for bringing in good energies as well as transmuting "negative" into more positive energies. Witches bells have long been used as an integral part of ritual, with temple bells being a part of religious ritual practice for millennia.

Size: 5" tall

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