Lotus Flower Heal this Woman Pendant Necklace with Amazonite for Balancing, Empowerment, Well-being

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These stunning pewter pendant necklaces are beautiful talismans of positive intention and blessings. Seated at the heart of this incredible pendant is a hand-polished, natural amazonite cabochon, which is circled with imagery of the lotus flower.

About Amazonite:
Amazonite is a stone of harmony, serving both the individual and those near. It is known to be a peacemaker, assisting you with communicating your true thoughts and feelings without being overly emotional, through its connection to the throat chakra. This is considered the first step towards both inner and outer peace. Amazonite awakens compassion through the activation of the heart chakra. Combined with the aspect of a more balanced communication, you can see not only your truth and that of those around you. Once these two steps combine, you can have a more harmonic sense of being. Amazonite can help to empower us as we manifest our dreams and desires. It magnifies our intentions through the throat chakra when we speak them aloud.

Amazonite is a powerful ally for those who have trouble setting boundaries. It helps you to not only perceive your truth but communicate it. It can help you overcome the fear of conflict, freeing you to set healthy and clear boundaries. Additionally, it can help you in “walking your talk” in that it helps you learn the lessons of integrity and truth. It is an excellent stone for those who struggle with being concerned over the judgments of others.

Each pewter pendant is sized at 1.2” wide and is presented on a gorgeous stainless steel 18” chain. Proudly handcrafted in the USA.

*As stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variations in color and markings.

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