Kitchen Witch Incense Sticks Crushed Berries & Spiced Pie Crust Handmade for Intuition, Comfort

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Introducing to the enchanting world of Sacred Mists Shoppe's handmade Kitchen Witch Incense Sticks, where the captivating blend of dark crushed berries, freshly baked pie crust, and sweet spices invites warmth and comfort into your home. Crafted to ignite intuition and fuel imagination, our Kitchen Witch incense sticks transport you to a realm of aromatic delight. Infuse your space with the cozy embrace of familiar scents, as notes of nostalgia and creativity fill the air. Channel the power of manifestation and abundance as you engage with the transformative aroma, setting the stage for a harmonious and prosperous environment. Embrace the magic within every fragrant wisp and let Kitchen Witch be your guide to a space brimming with inspiration and comfort.

Mystical and exotic, our magickal incense is created with the intention of energy raising, celebration, and spiritual empowerment.

Incense is also used as a perfect home fragrance to bring magick and energy into your sacred space.

Each stick burns for about one hour and the fragrance lingers long after that!

10 handmade premium incense sticks per resealable pack.

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