Hedge Witch Boline Forged Blackened Carbon Steel Knife for Herb Knife, Altar Tool, Candle Inscription

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Forged by hand using a single piece of blackened carbon steel, our striking Hedge Witch Boline is a unique expression of the boline. Featuring a unique twisted handle, this boline displays a rustic elegance and is an excellent addition to your ritual and spiritual craft tools.

*** See our Hedge Witch Athame, a perfect magickal mate for this beautiful boline! ***

The boline is the traditional cutting tool utilized in modern Wicca and Witchcraft. Different than the athame, which is used for directing and working with ethereal energy and has a double-sided blade, the boline has a single curved blade which is perfect for cutting. Employed solely as a practitioner's magickal tool, the boline is used to harvest and gather herbs and spell ingredients, carve candles, prepare ingredients for magickal use, and a myriad of other uses where a blade is needed. The boline is meant to be put to work and become an active part of your magickal practice.

Use and Care: The Hedge Witch Boline is cast in genuine blackened carbon steel. The edge is pre-sharpened, but can be further sharpened and maintained at home with a whetstone or by having the knife professionally sharpened. Should your boline need to cleaned, it can be washed with soap and water and then completely dried and rubbed with a very light coating of oil (knife oil is ideal) to keep the blade free from oxidation and in pristine condition. Note that all carbon steel can rust and oxidize if not protected from moisture, including moisture in the air. Oiling the knife is important. Should you notice any oxidation or rusting, this can be easily removed with a steel wool pad or whetstone, washed and oiled for a lifetime of magickal service.

This beautiful boline is coated in high-grade knife oil prior to shipping to protect the steel. This can be wiped down to reduce the volume of oil upon arrival and prior to use. You may also notice some blackened grit on the metal which is a normal part of the forging process. This can be removed by wiping down or washing and oiling upon arrival.

7.5" total length.
3.75" blade.

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