Hedge Witch Athame Ritual Knife Hand Forged Carbon Steel Traditional Witch Tool for Ritual, Focus

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Forged by hand with a single piece of carbon steel, our striking Hedge Witch Athame is a unique expression of the witch's ritual knife, displaying a hammered leaf across the front of the natural black blade.

The athame is a classic witch's tool and is used to direct intention and focus. They are not used to physically cut items, that's left to the witch's boline, but instead used in energetic workings, such as calling the quarters during ritual, cutting an opening in a ritual circle, and other magickal uses.

Use and Care: The Hedge Witch Athame is cast in genuine carbon steel and comes to you unsharpened. An edge can be created with a sharpening stone or by having the knife professionally sharpened. For magickal purposes and safety in ritual, it does not need to have a sharp edge. Should your athame need to cleaned, it can be washed with soap and water and then completely dried and rubbed with a very light coating of oil to keep the blade free from oxidation and in pristine condition.

Size: 7.5" x 1" includes a protective sheath (styles vary and may be black or brown).

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