Chrysoprase A Grade Tumbled Extra Large Stone for Growth, Compassion, Forgiveness, Altruism

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Chrysoprase is a lovely green stone associated with the heart, growth, compassion, forgiveness, and altruism. Its coloring speaks directly to the intense heart healing energy of this stone. Chrysoprase helps you remain heart-centered while providing the courage to face difficult situations and lead with truth-centered compassion. This stone works well to help blend your will with the urgings of the heart, uniting your desires with the heart’s longing for the highest good of all.

Chrysoprase carries an energy of growth and ripening promise; it brings hope to the darkest region of your shadow self. It helps to remind you of your connection to the world around you. It helps you to accept your birthrights of prosperity, joy, and health. Further, it helps you to understand your connectivity to the world around you, healing feelings of isolation.

Chrysoprase, with its energetic ties to the Earth, is an excellent stone for working with that energy. It can help kindle a connection to Nature Spirits and the beauty of the natural world. It helps us foster positive and healing thoughts towards each other and the Earth.

Using chrysoprase:

  • Meditate with chrysoprase to connect to the natural world around you, to facilitate heart healing, and call in abundance.
  • Add chrysoprase to a crystal grid for emotional healing.
  • Wear chrysoprase or carry it in your pocket to feel connected to those around you and encourage a heart-centered interaction with all.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.

Price is per stone.
Size: from 1.5" - 2.25"

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