Chakra Incense Cone Assortment: Harmonize and Invigorate Your Chakras for Meditation, Sacred Space

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Discover the harmonizing power of Ayurvedic Assorted Chakra Incense Cones. Crafted meticulously by artisans with generations of experience in incense making, each box delivers a curated selection designed to align and invigorate your chakra points.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic aromas derived from ancient Ayurvedic formulas, where every scent offers a unique pathway to balance and tranquility. With one cone for each of the seven chakras, this set aids in fostering a space of holistic wellness and spiritual enrichment.

Unlock the secret to inner harmony with this assortment of seven incense cones, each echoing the essence of individual chakras to facilitate a meditative ambiance and promote well-being. Embrace the true essence of chakra wisdom with these incense cones as your companion in creating a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation in your own home.

Order your box of enlightenment now, containing seven precious cones - a testament to centuries-old traditions and the epitome of artful craftsmanship.

7 individually labeled cones per box.

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