Banishing Votive Candle: Remove Negativity & Unwanted Energy - Handmade Vegan Lemon Verbena Scented

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Introducing our Banishing Votive Candle, handmade with love and care to help you remove negativity and unwanted energy from your space. This exquisitely fragranced lemon verbena candle is made with premium fair-trade and all-natural ingredients including vegan coconut wax, 100% pure and organic essential oils, and a 100% cotton wick ensuring a cruelty-free, absolutely non-toxic, and sustainable choice. This mindfully crafted candle features the invigorating scent of lemon verbena, known for its protective, cleansing, and negativity-removing properties. Light up this enchanting votive candle during your meditation, spell casting, or ritual to banish negative vibes and create a positive atmosphere. With its vibrant green color and charming handmade quality, our Banishing Votive Candle is not only a powerful ritual tool but also a beautiful addition to your home decor or sacred space. Let its soothing glow and refreshing aroma transform your space into a sanctuary of positivity and harmony. Negativity be gone!

Votive color: Fresh olive green
Candle wax type: Vegan coconut wax, certified fair trade
Wick type: Organic cotton wick
Colorant: 100% non-toxic candle colorants
Oils: 100% essential oils, certified fair trade
- Bergamot oil is used in this blend for protection, banishing negativity, and shadowy thought patterns.
- Palmarosa oil is used in this blend for security, stress relief, and calm.
- Organic lemon oil is used in this blend for purification, protection, and clearing negativity.
- Lemongrass is used in this blend for protection, expelling negative energy, and raising positivity.

Perfect for spell craft and rituals! Our serenity candle is excellent when your intention focus is on healing, goddess meditation, love (including self-love), releasing negativity, and protection.

The price is per (1) votive. Each votive candle has an estimated burn time of 12 hours.

As with all candles, do not leave burning unattended; remove all packaging before lighting.

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