Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant for Spirituality, Emotional Balance, Meditation, Peace, and Healing

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Invite spirit and peace into your day with our Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant and through the symbolism of "As above, So below" with this stunning pendant featuring beautiful, genuine faceted amethyst crystal point dangling from the white alloy Tree of Life. The wide-mouthed bail provides flexibility when choosing a chain or cord for it to hang from. This is an incredible addition to your sacred jewelry collection.

Total- 2.5"
Tree of Life- 1"
Amethyst Point- 1" x 0.25"
Bail opening- ~.25"

About the Tree of Life:

Although each tree had different meanings to the ancient Celts, the tree was uniformly venerated as a source of wisdom and hope, an enduring link between the upper and lower worlds, a reminder of the eternal cycle of the seasons. The Celtic Tree of Life is an image of the Otherworld. The roots were deep in the earth and the branches stretched to the heavens, its trunk exists within this realm. The Celtic Tree of Life is one of the most popular and enduring motifs of Celtic Art, found both on Celtic crosses and on illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells.

About the crystal:

Amethyst is a crystal of spirituality and contentment. It aids to transmute lower energetic frequencies into the higher frequencies of the etheric and spiritual levels. It represents the principles of complete metamorphosis. As a balancer of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies, it provides a clear connection between planes of existence. Amethyst grants us stability, strength, and peace while cleansing the aura to transmute discordant energies into harmony. It is also a “stone of meditation” as an excellent conductor of the calming energy needed to not only enter mediation but to maintain the state.

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