Root Chakra Handmade Masala Incense Sticks by Triloka for Chakra Balancing, Energizing & Meditation

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Clear and energize your root chakra with our Root Chakra Handmade Masala Incense. This incense is specially blended with the below ingredients to give your energy centers a "tune-up."

Precious Mysore sandalwood oil: is grounding and removes tension and depression; it helps through periods of fear. Its energy is said to be protective and dispels negativity.
Vetiver roots and essential oil: Deeply grounding, earthy fragrance that nurtures our spirit.
Cedar wood: Balancing and stabilizing energy strengthens the spirit and dispels negative energy.
Ginger: Increases vitality, activates willpower, and enables us to take initiative with determination, which leads to the achievement of our life's goals. Ginger is said to attract prosperity.

Triloka incense is handmade according to the ancient tradition in India - supporting an age-old cottage industry. Simply said it is pure art in blending over 20 natural ingredients to create an enchanting line of incense. Each Triloka incense stick is individually hand-rolled using only the finest herbs, gums, essential oils, charcoal, and other pure and natural ingredients.

There are approximately 10 sticks per 10-gram package and the sticks are 6" long.

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