Japanese White Ash Miyako for Incense Bowls and Burners, Incense Ash, Koh, Resin, & Powder Incense

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Add our versatile organic White Ash to your incense bowl to elevate your incense-burning rituals to the next level. This high-quality white ash can be used for Japanese Koh incense, dhoop incense, aromatic wood chips, granulated incense, kneaded and pressed incenses, powder incense, as well as resins and woods with charcoal topped with a thin mica plate.

We recommend this high-quality white ash for burning stickless Koh (Japanese) incense. Using white ash allows the Koh incense to burn completely, leaving no incense remnants behind.

Use white ash with powdered incense to create incense trails which is an amazing way to incorporate sigil spellcraft into your practice.

This white ash was crafted in Japan using ultra-fine sifted and purified fossilized plankton (diatomaceous earth).

- Combine with incense burners, charcoal tablets with mica plates, or your favorite Koh incense.
- Use with Koh incense, aromatic wood chips and granules (with charcoal and mica plate), kneaded Incense, pressed Incense, powdered incense.
- Will only work for sticks without a bamboo core. Cannot support standard stick incense (stickless only).

You will receive one (1 ) bag of high-quality, white Japanese incense ash weighing 38 grams.

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