Moonstone AA+ Tumbled Stone for Goddess Energy, Mystery, Self-Discovery, Magick, and Intuition

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Moonstone is considered an essential stone of the goddess, wrapped within it are energies of mystery, self-discovery, insight, dreams, and intuition. Many consider this to be the stone of the High Priestess, the keeper of feminine magick. Within its depths and reflected light, we are drawn to observe the hidden truths inside ourselves. Moonstone can take us on a journey to reveal our past lives.
Moonstone promotes clairvoyance in women and stimulates emotional balance in men. For all, moonstone clears the aura and activates the third-eye and crown chakras. This stone evokes patience, teaching you the value of divine timing. It allows you to nurture your path while not forcing direction or growth.
Using moonstone:
  • In meditation, moonstone can help you connect to the divine feminine and past lives.
  • Use moonstone in a crystal grid for emotional healing, connecting to the goddess, or nurturing your path for growth.
  • Moonstone can be added to a divination space for tapping into intuition and psychic awareness.
As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone.

Choose from three sizes:
Small- 0.75"-1"
Medium- 1"-1.5"
Large- 1.5"-2"

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