Malachite Tumbled Gemstone AA+ for Protection, Heart Chakra, Strengthen Aura, Leadership, Integrity

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Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral, most of the malachite on the market currently is cut from masses with fibrous banding of lighter and darker shades of vivid green.  Malachite may occur, in crystal form as "needle-shaped" or looking much like "fiber" crystals grown close together and very prismatic, especially when light hits them.  Most malachite on the market is from the former type with the banding of lighter and darker shades throughout, which is offered in this listing.
Malachite is one of the most important stones for protection from negative energies.  It permeates the auric field with positive vibrations and strengthens the aura.  It is said to emanate the healthiest energy pattern for the heart.  It assists one in maintaining emotional balance, in which one remains in a positive and benevolent state without being tempted to take on the emotional baggage of others.
It is said that malachite carries the frequency of the enlightened leader.  It assists those in positions of responsibility to carry out the will of the divine without ego-based motivations.  It can help you step up to the plate to take action in the realms of leadership with resolve and integrity.  It can be a powerful ally for those who are trapped in a waiting pattern for their reality to change.  It can help you see through the blocks and cracks that are barring you from progress and stimulate your desire for creating the life you choose.
The beautiful and rich color of malachite reveals its "hidden" ability to heal on the physical and emotional levels through drawing out energetic impurities and attachments while dissolving constrictive energy patterns.

Price is per stone.

Size: from 0.75" to 1.25".

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