Botswana Pink Agate Tumbled Stone for Seeing the Bigger Picture, Spiritual Practice, Crystal Grids

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Botswana agate is a beautifully soothing stone that emits gentle energy that can help those grieving, who need comfort, or a little protection. It is strengthening, stabilizing, and harmonizing.
Botswana agate is beneficial in overcoming depression through its soft vibration. It helps to alleviate harmful mental patterns or obsessive thoughts, aids in overcome fears while encouraging you to view the bigger picture of life. In seeing the bigger picture, you can look for and find more practical solutions rather than being struck by indecisiveness, anxiety, or assigning blame. Botswana agate is a crystal of possibilities and hope. It encourages artistic expression and exploration. It helps you release emotional repression allowing you to feel and appreciate the fullness of life.
Botswana agate stimulates the crown chakra and energizes the auric body encouraging a heart-centered emotional state. It encourages you to feel Universal and Unconditional Love, reminding us that we are beings of love and compassion. This crystal promotes an understanding of the need for deeper meaning, stimulates the exploration of the unknown spiritual worlds furthering your quest towards a more enlightened being.
Using Botswana agate:
  • In meditation, holding Botswana agate will help you deepen your spiritual practice. It will help you find the deeper meaning of your life and live accordingly.
  • Carry Botswana agate to help you remain balanced and filled with hope during times of stress or grief.
As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone.
Size: from 0.5" to 1”

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