Selenite Crystal Spiral Vortex Tower Energy Healing for Cleansing, Crystal Grids, Spirit Guide

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This amazing and extremely unique energy vortex generator is made of Selenite and shaped by hand into magnificent and extremely useful tools ready to become a core element in your magickal workings!

Size: Stands 6-7 inches.

Selenite: Selenite is named for Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon because of its moon-like glow.

Selenite is one of our favorite stones to work with as it lifts the spirit, generates an amazing amount of energy, and its level of protection is virtually unsurpassed.

About Selenite:

Satin spar selenite is an incredibly useful stone for crystal healing and meditation. It quickly opens and activates the third eye chakra, crown chakra, and Soul Star chakra. The intensity of the delivered energy is more significant than most any other stone for these upper chakras. Selenite is highly effective for cleansing the auric field and can clear negativity from your physical and etheric bodies.
Selenite can lift your awareness to higher planes, making it possible for you to meet with your spirit guides and guardian angels. It helps to facilitate the receipt of advice from your guides.
Additionally, it is an excellent stone for building energy grids in your home, especially those that are meant to clear and create harmonious energy within. As a result of selenite’s cleansing abilities, it can be used to cleanse and clear other stones or crystals. Selenite, through its natural cleansing ability, never needs to be cleansed or cleared.
**Selenite is a member of the gypsum family, and as a result, it should not be exposed to water as it can decay the crystal structure.

Hand crafted in Morocco.

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