Protection Pillar Candle with Indian Agate Crystal Pendant for Warding, Stability, Clear Thought

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In beautiful green wax, this pillar candle is ready to support your ritual and spellwork to surround yourself with protective energies. Included with this candle is a traditional witch pendant of pewter to wear your enchantment daily.

Place this candle on your altar for your ritual or spellwork. Light it and breathe in the scent as you work and release your intention to the Universe for manifestation. Wear your amulet as a charm or carry it with you to extend the blessings and remind you of your work.

About the amulet:
Agate is a spiritual and grounding stone. It supports and enhances clear thought, improves mental activities, and stabilizes the mind. It also protects from negative energy. Banded agate can be used to restore the natural energies of the body and ease stressful situations.

These beautiful pillars are hand-poured in the USA.
The price is per candle.
Size: 6.5" x 2".
Fragrance: Bayberry.
Paraffin blend wax with a cotton wick.

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