Metallic Mini Candle available in three colors for Spells & Ritual, Candle Magick, Energy Work

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These miniature 4"x.5" candles come in many unique colors and we've made it easy for you to mix and match them by offering them individually. They're the perfect size for rituals and spells where you let your candles burn out completely. Price per candle.

Burning time of 2 - 2.5 hours. 4" length 1/2" width.

Correspondence Guide

Silver: Corresponds to the Moon, feminine energy, balance, harmony, change, learning, introspection, confidence, wealth, secrets, hidden desires and intuition. It is very useful in divination, meditation, telepathy, clairvoyance, dreams and astral energies. It is also useful for tapping into and increasing your psychic power and/or intuition. On occasion, silver is used for money drawing spells.

Gold: Corresponds to the Sun, masculine energy, success, money, abundance, power, positivity, nobility, luxury, creativity, confidence, achievement, self-motivation, self-discipline, generosity, enlightenment and manifestation. The color is very useful in spells for success, wealth, and self-confidence.

Red: Corresponds to the Element fire, the Root Chakra, the God Ares, Mars, love, passion, sex, self-confidence, courage, success, strength, home blessing, creativity, persistence, energy, vitality and female work during moontime. It is often used in love and healing spells. It is also associated with grounding (the Root Chakra), and with any powerful emotion. Red is the color of the Mother Aspect of the Triple Goddess. Especially wonderful for Beltane, fire + harvest celebrations, and adding oomph to love spells.

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