Blessed Be Cards - Celtic Blessing Cards to Enrich and Empower

Published by Lilyth on 5th Jul 2018

Lucy Cavendish has released, via Llewellyn, a brand new "Oracle-style" Deck of Celtic styled blessing cards.  These cards are meant to empower and enrich your path and magickal workings.  Both Lorien and myself find the art of this deck to be rich and entrancing.  The backside of the cards is a rich violet color with lighter Celtic knots surrounding a disk of birds, fauna and crescent moons featuring a lighter more open celtic knot within the circle.  Overall the artwork from Jane Starr Weils, we feel, will draw you in allowing the cards to be extended into meditative journeys along with the blessing each card contains.


Today, we are offering this blessing from the deck to share with you, after we attuned the deck and blessed it, this card is our greeting to you today.

From the included guidebook:

"This is a blessing for solace, the comfort that comes in the form of good fortune, strange litle moments that bring you back to the sense that the Universe is a place where you are cared for, considered, and important.  This solace, brings you hope for the future, and anticipation of the fair things that life will continue to bring you."

May the sweet things in life find you, dear friends.  Let this be the hope that has been absent for so long in your life as you battle your way back to the Light and Blessings this life has to offer you.

See more about this beautiful deck or purchase a copy of it for yourself right here at Sacred Mists Shoppe: