Triskellion Wax Sealing Kit for Spells, Rituals, Ceremony, Wishes, Manifestation, Sealing Letters

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Add an old-world mystique to your spells and rituals with this fantastic triskellion wax seal and wax kit. Traditionally, wax was used to seal letters and envelopes shut and closed from prying eyes. The uses for these are limited only by imagination: add a seal to your spells, to your rituals as an accent on the page, or even seal your spells closed once complete!

Sealing wax is a specially blended to create a seal which, after melting, quickly hardens (to paper, parchment, ribbons and wire, and other materials) forming a bond. Sealing wax can be used to take impressions of seals, sigils, and symbols when they are applied to the freshly dripped wax.

About the symbol:

A triskellion is a triple spiral that is also called a Triskele. It is an ancient Celtic symbol that symbolists believe is reflective of many areas of the Ancient Celts. Some believe that it is thought to represent motion as the three arms of the spiral often make it appear as if it is moving from the center creating a feeling of the cycles of life or progress. Each of the "arms" of spirals have been associated with several concept trios such as "life, death, and rebirth;" "spirit, mind, and body;" "past, present, and future" are but a few of the possibilities.

Using sealing wax:
1) Light the wick and hold the wax stick at a slight angle with the lit end pointing downward.
2) Holding your wax stick directly over the area you wish to make your seal, allow the wax to pool onto the material. Be sure to create a pool large enough for your chosen seal.
3) Dab your seal onto your seal non-stick to prevent it from becoming stuck to the sealing wax. If you are not using a non-stick, the wax may become stuck to the wax. This is not an issue, simply allow the wax to cool completely then lift your seal straight off.
4) Emboss the pool of wax with your seal, lifting straight up.

**For strong waxes, if you rest your seal on ice before embossing the hot wax, this will quick-set the wax allowing for the seal to easily release.

Seal disc size: 3/4" diameter

Total length: 1.5"


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