Wiccan Altar - Specialty Ritual Oil

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Wiccan Altar ~ Pure Specialty Ritual Oil

Uses: Purification, consecration, balance, banishing
Associations: The four Elements
Aroma: A magickal blend of frankincense with fragrant floral undernotes

These divine oils have an incredible aroma, and we highly recommend them. The pure oils are made from herbs, flowers, woods, spices, resins, leaves and essential oils. These oils may be used to scent the skin, to scent candles, are perfect for ritual annointing and spellcrafting, or simply use in aroma lamps to fill your home or temple with their sacred, pure scents. Each bottle contains a full 1/2 ounce.

A sacred oil crafted specifically for Wiccan altars. It contains oils representing each of the four Elements in a base of ancient frankincense.

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