Wisdom Peppermint & Lime Essential Oil Lapis Crystal Energy Roll-On for Intellect, Knowledge, Third Eye

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Open your third eye and expand awareness with our Wisdom Crystal Energy Essential Oil Roll-On. Made with genuine lapis lazuli stone chips suspended in pure, natural essential oils of peppermint and lime. Apply this magickal oil to your pulse points before ritual, after spell work, or throughout the day to raise energy vibration and expand your mind.

This special oil blend has been mindfully crafted with intention.

About Lapis:

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that has links with humans dating back as far as 6500 years. In some cultures, this stone was treasured more highly than gold.

As a stone of both royalty and spirituality, lapis carries with it the energy to activate the inner king or queen within us. Lapis is a prime gem to work with when delving into the deeper inner mysteries and journeys. This crystal helps you move your consciousness past the mundane, allowing you to identify habits, patterns, or lessons that you may have difficulty seeing consciously.

Lapis lazuli activates the third eye, allowing you to receive and access enhanced intuition and spiritual guidance. Lapis lazuli can help enhance your meditative journeys. This stone is said to be good for clairvoyance and precognition, making it an excellent tool for the development and refinement of psychic abilities.

*No guarantee of results is implied. These are for external use only. Do not ingest. Keep away from children and finished surfaces.

Size: 10ml (1/3 ounce)

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