Pentacle Altar Tile Hand Carved Green Soapstone, Cone Incense Burner, Candle Plate, Altar Paten, Sacred Space, Wicca, Witchcraft, Pagan

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This beautiful pentacle altar tile has been hand carved out of jade green soapstone with a raised, bas relief design that is simply perfect on an altar or anywhere in your home!

Magickal and versatile in use, add this stunning pentacle altar tile to your magickal tools. It is perfect for small spaces, traveling, or set as the focal point of your home altar. It can be used as a gorgeous representation of the elements and the power of your craft on your altar, as a candle plate, as well as a cone incense burner.

Note: As with all gifts of Mother Nature, these beautiful, natural soapstone altar tiles may vary in color from light to dark green, variegated, mottled, or even have some browns throughout. The color will not always exactly match the photo shown.

Size: 3" diameter

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