Sandalwood - Tibetan Incense Sticks - Only 1

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One of the many ways sacred space is made is through intention and the shifting of energies in a room through actions such as lighting a candle or stick of incense.  These hand-made incense sticks are Fair Trade made in Nepal and are sure to add sacredness to your space.  Each package is wrapped in a cylinder coated with beautiful fabric and ribbon and then filled with approximately 30 sticks of stick free incense, pure delightful incense.  Included in each package is a small wooden holder, each stick will burn for approximately one hour.
Some feedback we have received from testers of this product:
"Beautifully packaged adding the sacredness to the intention of space.  The sticks of incense are tightly secured with string inside and the small holder works wonderfully sitting inside a burner or on a candle plate.  The incense itself smells wonderful and there is no stick."
"This incense is amazingly fragrant and the scent lasts for a longer time than traditional incense sticks!"


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