Charcoal Tablets for Incense, Resins, Quick Light Charcoal, Charcoal Discs, Long Burning, 33mm

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A foil package of 10 long-burning, easy lighting, 33mm charcoal tablets. Each foil tube is well sealed to protect against moisture and dust.  A customer favorite!

How do I use these?

Simply place the charcoal disc into a heat-safe container. Using a lighter, or long match, hold the flame to a corner. The disc should light (crackle and move across the surface of the disc) and after awhile, with a slight bit of blowing on it, be red with a blackened surface. The resulting surface looks much like molten lava in solid form. Once the disc is red-hot, place your loose incense (resin, powder, herbs) on the disc and add as needed to keep the smoke moving through your space.

If your charcoal disc is going out and not holding its flame, it is likely because it has gotten old and/or not been stored properly and moisture has been absorbed. You'll need to throw it away and purchase new discs.

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