Golden Tiger Eye Medallion and Worry Stone for Stamina, Centering, Perseverance,Clarity, Compassion

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Golden Tiger’s Eye is a stone influenced by the Sun and one of vitality, practicality, and physical action. It is a stone for increasing your physical energy and stamina. Tiger’s eye helps you to take effective action in response to the needs and challenges of your life while remaining grounded and centered no matter the situation you find yourself in. Through this energizing of the body, you find the ability to persevere through the conflict with your energy stores being slightly replenished by tiger’s eye. 

It is a stone of mental clarity, whetting the intellect and sharpening logic. Golden tiger’s eye can help you move into a deeper state of meditation that is permeated with unconditional love and compassion. When returning from this state, you may feel invigorated with direction to take action through your will for the highest good of all.

Tiger’s eye is a stone of balance, through supporting physical vitality its energy helps to reinforce your willpower and courage to face all that is before you.

*As stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in size, color, and markings.

Size: Approximately 2"

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