Green Aventurine Goddess Worry Stone for Growth, Confidence, Optimism, Prosperity, Meditation

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With origins in Ancient Greece, worry stones are traditionally smooth, polished gemstones in the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentation. When held between the index finger and thumb, rubbing them is believed to lessen one's worries. This non-traditional worry stone, puts the power of the Goddess in your pocket.

Each is hand-carved and polished, ready to bless your path and sacred space. Size: approximately 2.5"

About the stone: Aventurine is mainly quartz, a quartzite, usually containing mica. The color of aventurine is green ranging from a pale green to deep forest green.

Aventurine is the stone of luck and chance. It is said to increase perception and creative insight. It reinforces decisiveness, amplifies leadership qualities, and facilitates the balancing of physical, intellectual, emotional and auric bodies.

Aventurine has a stabilizing effect on the emotions. It is excellent for teenagers.

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