Star Mica on Matrix Natural Crystal for Mental Stimulation, Stress Reduction, Confidence

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Star Mica (also known as Mica Muscovite) is an incredible stone for mental stimulation, problem-solving, and inspiration. It is a stone of highly positive energies, affecting the mind's centers and processes more than the emotional or physical.

Star mica stimulates the rational mind; it promotes clear and quick thinking. It teaches you to expand yourself through the trying of unfamiliar frames of reference. It helps you let go of the habitual thought process of "either/or" allowing you to move beyond strict logic. As star mica brings the vibration of high mental stimulation, this stone is excellent for students, teachers, writers, scientists, business owners, and really anyone who wishes to engage the mind's full capacities.

Star mica is a stone of inspiration, fostering new pathways to bring the "ah-ha" moments. As you work with this stone, often, you may feel increased confidence as you tackle problems, projects, or start something new. This confidence ultimately may lead to a reduction in stress.

Star mica is a wonderful spiritual insulator, as it is a protective stone for your energy field and is highly encouraged to be used by those who are susceptible to picking up on negativity. This stone can assist all who are rapidly opening to Spirit. It can help regulate psychic information during spiritual awakening to help you maintain your energetic integrity and aura.

Using star mica:

  • Use star mica in spells or rituals for the cutting of etheric energy cords.
  • Keep star mica in your creative space for inspiration.
  • Place star mica next to your bottle of water to infuse it with the wonderful properties of this stone.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone.
Size: 0.75"-1.5"

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