Black Tourmaline in Natural Quartz Matrix for Protection, Clear Negativity, Grounding, Purification

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Absolutely gorgeous and has strong metaphysical properties.

Tourmaline is a powerful, fast-acting crystal. Its energies can help clear away negative emotional patterns and help you to release pains caused by events long past. Tourmaline can help purify and renew all aspects of yourself.

Tourmaline's energies can be directed at specific areas of your mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional self, but it is also one of the best all-around healing and cleansing stones. This stone diffuses and dissipates negative energies, leaving you calm and clear-headed.

Tourmaline can aid you to gain a more balanced understanding of the meaning of life. Although it won't give you answers directly, it can help you to find information buried deep within yourself. This information, though sometimes painful, can be important to your spiritual growth.

Black Tourmaline repels negative energy, unlike most black stones that can absorb it. Black Tourmaline is shielding, making it a good stone for periods of stress. It is said to guard against debilitating diseases like heart disease and arthritis. It is also recommended for strengthening the immune system.

The density of Tourmaline on each matrix greatly varies per piece.

Price is per stone.

Size: from .75" to 1.25"

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