Plantable Affirmations Handmade Seeded Wildflower Spell Paper Pack

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Write it, cast it, plant it! Powerful, versatile, and bursting with Nature's beauty and energy. 

Instructions: Focus on your desired intention then write it on sheet of seeded paper in permanent ink. Place the paper in water and soak until thoroughly moistened then plant the paper under a thin layer of soil, pouring the water used to soak the sheet over the soil after burying the sheet. Ask for the energy of the earth to aid you in manifesting your intention. Continue keeping the soil evenly moist until your wildflowers bloom. As you tend to the soil, focus on your desire. Soon you will find that not only has your seeded spell paper sprouted but your intention has begun to manifest! Grow in containers, in flower beds, or sow out in nature. Will do best when grown in full sun.

Each sheet includes a varied and hearty mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Pack includes five 4" x 5" assorted color sheets.

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