Pink Morganite Raw Natural Crystal for Love, Heart Chakra, Emotion, Healing, Angela, Meditation

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Beautiful, raw pieces of AA+ quality pink Morganite, ethically harvested from small, family-owned mines in Brazil!

Morganite is a pink, peach, or purple variety of beryl (the same crystal structure and family as emerald and aquamarine). Much like rose quartz being the energizer of personal love and self-love, morganite is attuned to the higher frequency of divine love. This crystal opens your heart on another level, bringing awareness of the seemingly limitless amount of cosmic love found in the Universe of which we all are a part. Through this connection, morganite gives us the opportunity to surrender to the power of divine love and let it seep into our daily life. This connection may even help you see your life path with more clarity.

Morganite is recommended to all those who are interested in doing serious inner work and emotional healing. This crystal can not only cleanse and activate the heart chakra but it also can help harmonize it with divine love. By doing this it can help us to awaken to our own spiritual and life path. Morganite can bring us an immediate sense of lightness through the release of old pains and sorrows, lifting the emotional burden that these traumas hold over us. The energy of this stone further helps us to heal through fear, resentment, and even anger. It can help you to rid yourself of attachments of past relationships (of all types) that may have ended badly or feel unresolved in some manner.

Morganite is aligned with angelic energies and can be used to connect with these beings of a higher vibration and receive guidance from them. Because of the heart-activating properties, this gem can help you align more closely with the higher vibrations of these spiritual beings which in turn, allows you to feel more supported by Spirit and the Universe on an emotional level.

Using morganite:
* Wear morganite jewelry to bring a sense of peace, joy, and inner strength to your day.
* Carry this crystal to feel more confident through your connection to the Universal divine love.
* Keep morganite near your water bottle to infuse the water with the properties of this stone allowing it to become a conduit for those energies.

Choose from three sizes:
Small- 0.5"-0.75"
Medium- 0.75"-1.25"
Large- 1.25"-2"

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color. Price is per stone.

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