Lapis Lazuli Point Pendulum with Rainbow Moonstone Beads for Divination, Answering Questions

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Elevate your third eye and your intuitive readings with this gorgeous, Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendulum with faceted lapis lazuli and rainbow moonstone accent beads. This pendulum is one-of-a-kind and is sure to be a beautiful addition to your divination arsenal. You will receive the pendulum pictured.

A pendulum is a simple and easy tool used for both divination and dowsing. It is an aid for communicating with the subconscious mind and the subtle energy fields surrounding people, plants, animals, and objects. It can be used to answer simple yes/no/maybe questions or with a spirit board or other grid for more advanced practitioners.

About the gemstones:

Lapis Lazuli-
Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that uses dates back to ancient times and in some cultures was treasured more highly than gold.

As a stone of both royalty and spirituality, lapis carries with it the energy to activate the inner king or queen within us. Lapis is a prime gem to work with when delving into the deeper inner mysteries and journeys. This crystal helps you move your consciousness past the mundane, allowing you to identify habits, patterns, or lessons that you may have difficulty seeing consciously.

Lapis lazuli activates the third eye, allowing you to receive and access enhanced intuition and spiritual guidance. Lapis lazuli can help enhance your meditative journeys. This stone is said to be good for clairvoyance and precognition, making it an excellent tool for the development and refinement of psychic abilities.

Lapis lazuli, traditionally, has been used to assist in connecting with the Gods and invoking “Divine Inspiration”. It is the stone of the seeker & student alike, stimulating one’s desire for knowledge and understanding.

Rainbow Moonstone-
Rainbow Moonstone helps us to recognize the ups and downs in life while gracefully acknowledging the cycles of change. It works to bring universal energies, making them accessible for use. It is a stone for feeling and understanding via emotion and intuition rather than intellect. It brings us flames of insight, stimulates intuitive recognition, and helps us to apply intuited knowledge practically.

Rainbow Moonstone is known to cleanse negativity from the chakras, enhancing the feminine aspects of nature. Further, it stimulates confidence and composure while allowing us to understand that there is no situation so complicated that we cannot conquer that with diplomacy.

Lapis Drop - 2.5" tall x 0.5" wide at the widest.
Chain length - 9" including the lapis point hold

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