Chakra Floating Crystals Necklace for Intention, Chakra Activation, Alignment, Harmony, Balance

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Stunning natural crystals float together with double-terminated quartz, giving this Chakra Floating Crystals Necklace a boost of energy to your auric fields. The purpose of this gorgeous pendant is to realign and balance the energy fields of each specific chakra, aligning, and harmonizing your mind, body, and soul. It will aid in dissolving stress, removing blocks, and an overall sense of better health, joy, and abundance. Each stone is chosen for its beauty and power in working with the other stones, then it is blessed with Reiki. These are beautiful enough to wear for special occasions as well as daily.

Chakra stones:

Vera Cruz Amethyst Point - Vera Cruz Amethyst is mined exclusively in Vera Cruz and is a very special variety of amethyst with a high vibration. It will help create an exceptional connection with spirit and surround you with a protective energy. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It aids to transmute lower energetic frequencies into the higher frequencies of the etheric and spiritual levels. It represents the principles of complete metamorphosis. As a balancer of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies, it provides a clear connection between planes of existence. Amethyst grants us stability, strength, and peace while cleansing the aura to transmute discordant energies into harmony. It is also a “stone of meditation” as an excellent conductor of the calming energy needed to not only enter mediation but to maintain the state.

Tanzanite - Tanzanite is an incredibly valuable metaphysical stone. It is a stone that is the most effective at integrating the energies of the heart and mind while helping you to remain centered within the heart's wisdom while evaluating situations with an open and activated mind. This crystal activates the third-eye and crown chakras creating a link between this higher state of being allowing you to perceive experiences and situations with a sense of enlightened compassion.

Faceted Aquamarine - Aquamarine encourages openness, tranquility, uplifting moods and emotions, increases confidence, and gives an increased sense of purpose. It is also known as the traveler's stone, historically people would carry an aquamarine in their pocket for safe travels.

Green Tourmaline - Green Tourmaline is considered one of the premier stones for self-healing. It emanates a subtle-energy field that harmonizes with that of the heart, bringing wholeness, dynamic balance and stability. Green Tourmaline can create a resonance that benefits the heart chakra and thereby the physical heart as well. Because of this energetic connection to physical life, it is a stone that has a beneficial influence to all things that live and grow. It can be used to enhance gardens and house plants as well as connecting to the spirits of plants and animals.

Epidote Point - Epidote is known to many as a healing stone through the release of negativity, allowing us to embrace the positive patterns in life. It is one of the stones that often will bring more of what we already have in accordance with our highest good. It is through working with epidote that we can help to raise our vibrational energies allowing us to feel more free or lighter. This stone is excellent for physical healing as well as helping to reveal the emotional core of what ails us. Further, it is helpful in overcoming habitual negativity and other destructive emotional patterns.

Ruby Crystal - Ruby vibrates with an enthusiasm for life that instills an open-hearted willingness to make whatever steps needed, even if they are leaps of faith, to move forward with your path and life. It provides you with the energy to get things moving. Traditionally, ruby is known for helping you rise to the requirements on all levels of your being to attract prosperity and wealth. This crystal also helps you surround yourself with the sensual pleasures of life...the beauty and expression of your creative energies and passions.

Faceted Cherry Topaz - Cherry topaz personifies hope, allowing you to experience the presence of the divine. It encourages honesty, openness, and integrity. It is known for stimulating the higher mind and helping to seek and retain knowledge.

Clear Quartz Double-Terminated - Double-terminated clear quartz is a special variety of quartz that naturally terminates in a point at both ends. This formation is known to absorb and amplify energies while sending them back out to the world through both ends. This is an ideal stone for chakra balancing. Clear quartz has been shown to not only strengthen but enhance the aura. It is a stone of Light, bringing heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries, or meditates with it. It provides a clear way for the higher vibrations of the Spirit realm to be transmitted and translated into the Physical realms.

Size: 1.25" diameter. Stainless steel and glass frame. As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color. Each one is individually made, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

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