Agrimony Organic Plant Seeds for Protection, Reversing Magick, Counteracting of Gossip, Restful Sleep

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Agrimony is a tall, herbaceous perennial with yellow flowers. This herb is often used for protection and reversing magick. It is considered to be one of the best choices for counteracting gossip, slander, and the Evil Eye. In folkloric magick, it is used in charms and dream pillows for restful sleep. 
Spiritual and Magickal Usage:
  • Add dried agrimony to dream pillows or a sachet added to your pillowcase to ensure a good night’s rest.
  • Anoint candles with oil or sprinkle some of the herb and flower around the base of a candle to break hexes and return that energy to the sender.
  • In floor washes, add agrimony to counteract jinxes and instill protection to the home.
  • For incenses and sachets or mojo bags, use agrimony to repel negativity and baneful wishes from others.
Herbal Uses:
  • To treat diarrhea, a weak cup of tea should be sipped up to six times daily.
  • To treat cough and soothe a sore throat, a stronger tea is used as a gargle.
  • For skin inflammation and to treat woads, soak a compress in a strong tea and apply several times, daily.
Agrimony grows best in zones 6 through 9. This plant prefers full sun to part sage with well-drained soil. The average germination is 10-25 days. Seeds should be planted directly in soil after the danger of frost has passed if you are starting your seeds outdoors. Plant each seed with 12 inches between them.
All information is provided for educational purposes with no guarantee of results; please use all herbal products with care.
Packet of 10 organic Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) seeds.

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