Rasa Lila Premium Agarwood Incense Sticks

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This exotic stick incense is a complex and pleasing fragrance that highlights agarwood, making this magical and powerful incense an experience of completeness. Agarwood's rich, musty woody-nutty scent envelops you and takes you completely into it. Burning this natural fragrance creates a spiritual atmosphere.

This incense feautres scents of vetiver, agarwood, nagarmotha, and patchouli

Burn this incense to create a pure and spiritual atmosphere, to deepen devotion to something higher than oneself, or to facilitate meditation and concentration.

The main feature of this premium incense is the aromatic agarwood, a sweet yet deep fragrance widely believed to be the most expensive wood in the world that is use in religious and festive. This is combined with other woody oils including nagarmotha oil, which is deep with smoky notes of leather. When this fragrance enters your heart, everything softens and opens, and a natural trust in existence is born.

Name explanation:
Rasa Lila is the dance of ecstatic love that takes place in the sacred forest of Vrindavana in ancient India. At night, when the the cowherd girls known as “gopis” would hear the distant sounds of Lord Krishna’s flute, they would run to the forest to dance with him, their beloved. This dance signifies the joyous union of the soul with the Divine.

Why customers love it:
Herbs, flowers and resins are carefully chosen then blended together with pure oils and sandalwood. They are all then combined in accordance to ancient wisdom. This incense is designed as a fragrant offering to a higher power, a spiritual practice that deepens one’s devotion while reveling in its enchanting fragrance.

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