Purple Sage Organic Plant Seeds for Attracting Bees, Butterflies, and Birds, Vision work, Healing Rituals, Drought Tolerant,

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Purple Sage (Salvia Leucophylla) is a deciduous woody perennial native to Baja and coastal California. It is a very showy shrub with silvery shaded leaves and light purple flowers that grow in spikes.

This variety of sage is drought-tolerant, and the highly fragrant plant is known to attract bees, insects, and birds who feed on its nectar. Native Americans have used this plant during ceremonies for its powers to induce visions during healing rituals and ceremonies. 

Cultivation: The plant prefers fast-draining, dryish soils, and full sun. Sow in spring. Scarify seed lightly on fine-grit sandpaper, barely cover seeds with a fast-draining mixture of soil, and tamp down securely. Keep evenly moist and warm until germination. 

Packet of 30 organic Purple Sage (Salvia leucophylla) seeds.

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