Jimson Weed Datura Plant Seeds

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Jimson Weed (Datura stramonium) Datura is also known as Devil's Trumpet, Stinkweed, Devil's Cucumber, and several other names. It is native to North America and is considered an "invasive weed" in temperate climates around the world.

This plant has hallucinogenic effects, and like all datura varieties, it is considered toxic and should not be ingested. Hedgewitch healers would place a fresh leaf behind the ear to prevent motion sickness. They would also make a fresh leaf poultice (applied externally) to alleviate the pain of rheumatic and glandular swellings.

Magically, this flower is said to be associated with lycanthropy and shape-shifting. It has strong qualities of psychic enhancement, vision and spirit voices which are best accessed through inhalation of the flower, not through ingestion. Some consider this to be an aphrodisiac with the relation seen from an ointment with datura and other herbs in the Kama Sutra. The aroma is also said to help with dream magick.

Its visionary qualities, which are very strong, can best be opened through inhaling the scent of the flower instead of ingesting it.

Cultivation: Direct seed in a warm, sunny location, or start in a greenhouse in flats or pots. This plant prefers full sun and dryish soils. Sow in warm soil, keep moist, and if germination does not occur within a week or two, allow the it to dry out, which often spurs germination. The seeds are very wild and can remain in the seed bank for many years and germinate when conditions are right (sunlight, dry and warm).

Packet of 50 organic seeds. Open-pollinated and non-GMO.

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