Common Milkweed Organic Plant Seeds for Attracting Butterflies, Monarch Butterfly Flowers, Butterfly Garden Seeds, Wishing Flowers, Witch's Garden

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Common Milkweed is the standard midwestern ditch milkweed that has some of the prettiest, baseball-sized flower clusters you'll see anywhere, giving off a heady perfume. It is of great importance as a food source for the monarch butterfly and their offspring. Planting this will call Monarch Butterflies to your garden and provide a welcoming, nurturing place for them to thrive.

Milkweed pods are also known as the crying milk of the Earth. The milky white sap, when applied topically, is said to remove warts. Infusions of the roots and leaves have been used in folkloric medicine to suppress cough and used to treat asthma. The sticky white sap contains a mild toxin, use caution when handling, keeping the sap away from your eyes.

Add milkweed fluff to dream pillows for dreaming of the faerie and other nature spirits. It is said to be excellent for creative energy. The fluffy seeds of the plant are often used to make wishes. Simply wait until your flowers have gone to seed, then harvest your bounty. When you’re ready, place some of the milkweed’s billowy seeds in your hand. Imbue your seeds with your focused intention, then gently blow across them sending your seeds to the winds for manifestation.

Cultivation: The common milkweed plant prefers full sun and dry to mesic soils. It grows happily in poor soil or waste places. Sow seed in early spring. Cool soil germination. Barely cover the seed and tamp thoroughly, then keep evenly moist until germination. Thin or transplant to 1 foot apart. 

Packet of 50 organic Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) seeds.

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