Ruby Fuchsite Tumbled Crystal for Empowerment, Emotional Body Strengthening, Heart & Heart Chakra

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Ruby in fuchsite is a stunning combination of beautiful red ruby with green fuchsite. The energies of this stone combine the strength, passion, and courage that ruby is known for with the calming, nourishing energies of fuchsite. As a result, this crystal is both empowering and strengthening to the emotional body.

It is said to encourage us to face the future with confidence and trust. Ruby fuchsite stimulates both the root and heart chakras. With it, you can help to clear the emotional body of psychic debris leftover from past hurts. Ruby in fuchsite inspires us to heal ourselves and bring awareness of our deep/inner self. It encourages self-esteem and aids with healing relationship issues.

Ruby fuchsite harmonizes with crimson cuprite, anandalite, dioptase, and zincite.

Price is per stone. 

Size:.5" to 1".

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