Goldstone Polished Crystal Heart for Ambition, Motivation, Grounding, Protection, Emotional Balance, Uplifting Energy, Crystal Healing

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Red goldstone is called the "stone of ambition and drive" as it helps you focus your dreams and give you the energy to achieve them. Goldstone energizes us with motivation. It is a stone of grounded protection associated with the root chakra; it brings a sense of security when you are feeling fearful. This crystal is said to help you stay calm, stabilize your emotions, and it has a gentle, uplifting power.  

Goldstone is a human-made stone, a type of glass with an incredible sparkle from flecks of copper added. It is believed that this was created originally when alchemists were trying to make gold. 

Using goldstone:

  • Wear or carry goldstone to keep a positive outlook and to promote vitality.
  • Place goldstone near your water bottle to infuse the energies of ambition and motivation.

Size: roughly 1".

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