Lodestone Natural Magnetite for Attraction, Luck, Balancing Polarities, Manifestation, Grounding, Healing, Attraction, and Aura Alignment

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Lodestone, also called magnetite, is considered an essential stone for crystal healers, it is known to align the auric field and the many levels of the energy body. Naturally magnetic, lodestone is an excellent stone for balancing polarities in life - physical and spiritual, male and female, left and right hemispheres of the brain among a multitude of others. Magnetite is a powerful stone for manifestation, thanks to its magnetic properties, helping you to attract and bring into your life the changes or desires you seek.

Thanks to the natural magnetic properties, it is active on the physical plane. Magnetite is a very grounding stone making it a useful tool for psychics as well as healers. It can help counter “spaciness” when we are not grounded. Some consider the best usage of this stone to be in pairs, one held in each hand, for example, to help balance both the directive and receptive sides of our bodies.

Magnetite harmonizes with all grounding stones like Jet, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Obsidian. To help keep your lodestones charged, you can regularly "feed" them with Lodestone Food. The "food" is iron filings used to enhance and renew the properties of magnetite.

The quantity and sizes of stones will vary. You will always get at least one lodestone but there may be more in each package.

Size: Approximately 1 oz.

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