Fuchsite Natural Crystal for Rejuvenation, Inner-Child Work, Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, Happiness, Rejuvenation, and Healing

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Fuchsite is a form of muscovite mica and is a beautiful shade of green.  When the light hits it just right, it sparkles and shimmers to draw the eye.  It is known as the "Healer's Stone" as it is particularly beneficial to healers and lightworkers.  It is a good aid for all who seek to heal themselves or work on owning responsibility for their spiritual, physical, and psychological health.
Fuchsite is a stone that sparks renewal and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit. Fuchsite calls to our inner child, bringing about a feeling of unadulterated joy and happiness. Fuchsite aids in achieving a tranquil state of mind, deepening our connection to our compassionate selves and heightening our ability to understand and accept. Fuchsite is a natural energy amplifier and is the perfect stone for working in tandem with other crystals to boost their natural gifts. It is the quintessential healer's stone.
Fuchsite is an excellent stone for calling upon and working with spirit guides, angels, and fairies.
As a healing stone, Fuchsite supports recuperation and regeneration and has a unique ability to speed healing from illness, injury, or medical procedures.
Fuchsite accesses knowledge with great practical value. It also helps one gain an understanding of interaction with other people and relates to basic concerns about life.  It helps one tune into the universal mind through one's intuition.  It aids in seeing a situation more clearly.  Fuchsite also aids in connecting with nature spirits and elemental allies.
Price is per stone.
Size: .5"-1"

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