Spirit Quartz #1

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Spirit quartz is an unusual variety of quartz with it's "candle-shaped" main crystal with that is in turn covered in small terminated points.  It is found in amethyst, citrine, white quartz and rarely in smoky quartz.  It is also known as cactus quartz or porcupine quartz and is found only in South Africa.
This is a stone for bringing Sprit into play with all aspects of one's life.  It helps to align our "mundane or everyday" life with that of our higher self or Spirit.  It is a stone of alignment and harmony assisting with all aspects of the body (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) to resonate fully with one another.
Amethyst spirit quartz directly links the conscious mind to the Higher Self, allowing one to comprehend and verbally express knowledge and wisdom beaming from the Higher Self to the "Everyday or Conscious" self.  This is a very cleansing and purifying form to the auric fields and can help repair holes in our etheric bodies to balance all aspects of Self.  It can assist in the opening of the crown chakra to help us receive "downloads" of spiritual information and communication from our guides.
White spirit quartz is the most resonate with the physical body.  This will help cleanse and clear the body so that it can become a more suitable vehicle for the Higher Self to occupy when the Higher and the Conscious merge.  This is a highly programmable spirit quartz especially to facilitate the healing process between the physical and energetic selves and is a strong revitalizer.
size: 1.5"x1.5"

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