True Natural Bayberry Wax Votive Candle

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We call them "True Bayberry" because they are the purest, cleanest Bayberry candles made with most Bayberry wax of any candle on the market!

Bayberry has long been associated with the holiday season, however, it can be used year-round to call abundance and prosperity to your life! Our real, all-natural, 100% paraffin-free, Bayberry votive candles are made in the traditional way: hand-poured from the pale, nearly translucent, green fat skimmed off the top of a boiling vat of Bayberries. It requires more than 1.5 quarts of Bayberries to just make one 8" taper candle! However, pure Bayberry wax cannot stand alone when making candles. The wax is too hard, resulting in a flame that is small and irregular due to the extreme density of the wax itself. Because of this, we add pure Beeswax to our blend resulting in the finest, purest, most natural Bayberry candle on the market. It is a rare thing to find a true Bayberry wax candle. We use only the finest, purest Bayberry wax, filtered Beeswax and a touch of soy to ensure a long, clean burn and a tall, beautiful flame.

The Traditional Yule Bayberry Candle Poem

This Bayberry candle is a gift from a friend,
On Yuletide Eve burn it down to the end.
A Bayberry candle burned down to the socket,
Brings luck to the home and wealth to the pocket!
~ Author unknown

Bayberry votives make lovely gifts for holiday giving or for warming and blessing your home or altar during the Yule season.

Our pure Bayberry candles are perfect year-round as well, bringing abundance into your daily life and the lives of those around you.

Long and clean burning with 100% cotton wick. No paraffin, fragrance, or color added. Just pure, natural Bayberry, filtered Beeswax, and a touch of soy.

Price shown is per votive candle. 

Size: 2" x 1.25" votive

Burn time: Up to 18 hours in a tight-fitting votive holder.


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