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Shimmering Beeswax Mini Candles - Limited!

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A Sacred Mists Exclusive & LIMITED EDITION!

Shimmering with magickal intent, these pure beeswax mini candles are a perfect addition to your candle magick. 4" x 1/2" hand-rolled mini tapers with 100% cotton wicks fit perfectly into our large selection of mini candle holders. All natural and laden with shimmering glitter.

Using mini-candles is a perfect choice for candle magick. As with the vast majority of spells using candles, you will always want to allow your candle to burn down completely with the flame dying out naturally. This is easily accomplished with small candles like our mini's, with an average of a 2-2.5 hour burn time each. Another important point is to never blow out your candles. If you must vanquish your flame before it has burned down completely, do snuff your candle using a snuffer (or for the brave, your moistened fingertips). Blowing the element of air onto your candle to vanquish the element of fire is not recommended as you can imagine. So be sure to pick up a snuffer for use with your ritual candles only.

Select from gorgeous and deep colors, sold individually!

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