Autumnal Equinox - Mabon

Published by Lady Lilyth on 20th Sep 2018

Mabon (generally pronounced MAY-bone), also more traditionally known as the Autumn Equinox, is one of the Lesser Wiccan Sabbats and is usually celebrated around September 23rd, though it can occur as early as the 20th, depending on the timing of the actual Astrological event. The Autumn Equinox, like the Spring Equinox, divides day and night equally. However during Autumn, as opposed to Spring, when the opposite occurs, we begin to see the waning of the Sun more obviously now as the days continue to grow shorter until the Wheel of the Year spins around again to Yule. It is important to note that our friends in the Southern Hemisphere will be welcoming the Spring at this time, celebrating Ostara.

The ritual symbolism of Mabon is that of the Second Harvest, the Mysteries, Equality and Balance - when day and night are equal. 

Symbols and ideas for your celebrations:

Apples, Wine, Vines, Garlands, Cornucopia and Burial Cairns

Mabon is seen as the second of three harvests and specifically as a celebration of the vine harvests and wine. (lucky to us who love such!) It is also associated with apples as symbols of life renewed.

Celebrating new-made wine (yes it still tastes good), harvesting aples and vine products and visiting burial cairns to place an apple on them, were all ways the Celts honored this sacred Sabbat. (Avalon, one of many Celtic names for the land of the dead literally means the "land of apples".)

These acts symbolized both thankfulness for the life-giving harvest and the wish of the living to be reunited with their dead.

(kôr´´nykō´pē) , in Greek mythology,was a magnificent horn that filled itself with whatever meat or drink its owner requested. Some legends designate it as a horn of the river god Achelous, others as a horn of the goat Amalthaea. It is often represented as filled with fruits and flowers and has become the symbol of plenty. 

Mabon Autumn Blessing
written by Abby Willowroot

On this day of balance—between hot and cold, light and dark—we can find balance in an autumnal blessing. Use a white and a black candle, placed side by side, for this ritual. Breathe in the glow that comes from the equal balance of day and night. Decorate your sacred space with fruits and grain and harvest leaves, as you slowly speak this verse:

Protection covers me and mine,
Abundant gifts grow from Nature divine.
Mabon comes with
balance dear,
The second such time of the year.
Second harvest abundance flows,
Through our labor the storehouse grows.
We fill our stores through harvest Moon,
For winter’s cold is coming soon.
Harvest brings both hope and fear,
Harder times are drawing near.
Bless this house with abundance clear,
And bless all who are dwelling here.
Strength of the cycles
For all to see,
Bringing color to land and tree.
Red, yellow, brown, and amber,
Dress the forests, preparing for slumber.
My spirit embrace the dwindling light,
I am ready now for the longer night.
Protection and safety there will be,
As the wheel of the year turns, blessed be.
The balance now is
perfect and right,
Preparations made for Demeter’s night.
Searching she goes and searching she will be,
Till Kore’s return to you and me.
Mabon’s magic dances in me,
Autumn blessings to all,
So mote it be.

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