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Reflected Magick Ritual Cup for Spellworking, Ceremony, Offerings, Witch's Altar, Wiccan Altar, Witchcraft, Goddess, Fertility, Feasts

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This ritual cup is a stunning addition to any altar + ritual tool collection, it is made from high-quality Brittanica Pewter (zero pot metals) which is then highly polished to reflect the light, intention, and magick beautifully. This cup is a generous size perfect for coven gatherings.

The ritual cup is associated with the element of water and is considered a working tool. It is used as a symbol of the Goddess and for use in the partaking of "cakes and ale" during rituals. A ritual cup can also be shaped like a wine glass or chalice and used in this way. In some traditions, a chalice is a separate tool that is used for initiations, holiday rituals, and similar celebrations. This stunning ritual cup can be used for both purposes.

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