Valkyrie's Athame

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n Norse mythology, the Valkyries were Odin's beautiful warrior handmaidens who would ride over battlefields to claim the slain heroes and conduct their souls to Valhalla. This beautiful athame is finely crafted with a black textured resin pommel and antiqued metal accents. It comes complete with protective sheath. This perfectly balanced, traditional Witch's blade is ready to be put into your practice to direct your energy and intent toward your magickal work.

The athame (pronounced ah-thah-may) is an essential element to a working witch's ritual practice. Traditionally, the athame is a black handled, double edged blade and serves as a representative of the element of Air (although in some traditions it serves as the element of Fire due to its masculine, phallic symbolism, such as seen during a "chalice and blade" ritual).  The witch's athame traditionally has a dulled edge as it is not to be used for cutting on the physical plane, but to direct the spiritual energy in ritual, circle or spell casting. 

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